Why Exhibit?
  • PALMEX Proven Track Record

    PALMEX Thailand, PALMEX Indonesia and PALMEX Malaysia are successful events and renowned in the palm oil industry. Both events drawing more than 4,000 visitors per event comprises of key decision makers from the palm oil industry from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Thailand, Colombia, UK, US and Germany. Both events were totally sold out occupying more than 4,000 sqm of space with more than 100 exhibitors from 10 different countries. The PALMEX series of regional palm oil events is hailed by the industry as one of the leading palm oil exhibitions in the region.

  • Thailand’s Only Palm Oil Exhibition

    PALMEX Thailand 2015 brings together a congregation of palm oil related international visitors and exhibitors alike right into the heart of one of Asia’s largest palm oil producing countries. Held at the Heart’s of the palm oil industry in Thailand where all the palm oil producers and mills head offices are located, PALMEX Thailand 2015 would stand out uniquely in Thailand as the palm oil exhibition tailored for the industry!

  • Display Your Company’s New Technologies Or Discoveries

    What better way is there to announce and educate the public about your new products, technologies or discoveries, than to exhibit in PALMEX Thailand 2015. This event would rope in all senior regional palm oil industry specialists, procurement managers, upstream producers and decision makers.

  • Showcase Your Company’s Commitment Towards Protecting The Environment

    Many experts are pointing fingers at palm oil companies at the lack of effort in “Going-Green” when creating estates for palm oil in Thailand. This is a good time to educate the regional and local public by showcasing the stringent policies that your company implements to protect the environment.

  • Thailand’s Current Status As The World’s #3 Producer Of Palm Oil

    The recent rise of Thailand’s ranking as the world’s #3 largest producer of palm oil opened up more opportunities for the palm oil process industries and also all related supporting industries to help cope with the huge demand of palm oil. Thailand currently sits as one of the top 3 in the world for CPO (Crude Palm Oil) with estimated production of more than 1.7 Million tonnes of CPO expected this year.

  • Thailand’s Oil Palm Industry Moving Up

    Thailand currently has about 3.89 million rai dedicated to oil palm. About 3.6 million rai are producing, up from 3.1 million in 2008. Fresh palm nut production is estimated at about 10 million tonnes this year. The Thai Palm Oil Association estimates that this year Thailand will produce about 1.7 million tonnes of crude palm oil, worth about 40 billion baht, up from 1.5 million tonnes worth 30 billion baht last year.